Newport Beach, CA | The Three Factors That Effect Skin Aging | Hakimi Plastic Surgery

In this seminar, we talk about the health, genetics, and environmental factors that effect skin aging.


Dr. Hakimi: Genetics. There is no question that there is a genetic component and how we age. At least once a week, there's a patient that I opened the chart that says 75, and I have to take a second and look, and she says, "Yeah, my mother is also 95. She looks really good." It's been well proven that even daughters that don't look like their mothers, they follow the same pattern of aging, despite the lack of resemblance. And now for everyone else, there's LIFTIQUE. But some of us win the genetic lottery.

Dr. Hakimi: As far as the environment, right, I hear every day, my patients in their sixties and seventies, they talk about how by the time that sunscreen and sun protection was not a thing. And they would sunbathe and now they feel like the help to live with signs of aging. They don't even ask for it. They've accepted life, that this is what I did when I was at a certain age, and now this is the price that I pay. And that's not true because now with the technologies today, we can reverse signs of aging and sun damage is not the only environmental factor, just living in Southern California, smoking, inhalation and UV radiation. These are all environmental factors that can cause or expedite aging of the skin.