Avéli® Cellulite

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What is Avéli® Cellulite?

Regardless of how thin and healthy you are, unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to prevent or diminish cellulite without assistance. The fibrous tissue grows under the skin, mostly around the hips, thighs, and stomach, and can create a bumpy, dimpled look. At Hakimi Plastic Surgery, Dr. Hakimi is proud to offer Avéli®. Cleared by the Food and Drug Administration, Avéli is a one-time treatment for clearing cellulite from the skin. By pinpointing the fatty tissue commonly found in the legs and buttocks with a minimally-invasive procedure, Avéli frees the bound tissues and helps smooth the treatment area within just weeks of the procedure. Years ago, cellulite was nearly impossible to successfully treat, but now you can receive exciting, noticeable results from your Avéli treatments at Hakimi Plastic Surgery.

Am I a candidate for Avéli?

Avéli is effective and safe for most individuals at Hakimi Plastic Surgery. However, you might not qualify if you have diabetes, varicose veins, an infection, or loose skin. Pregnant women and individuals taking blood thinners should not undergo Avéli treatments. Those most likely to benefit from Avéli:

  • Are at a healthy weight and generally in good health
  • Have cellulite on their hips, thighs, or legs

How does Avéli work?

Before your procedure, Dr. Hakimi will have you stand still while using a marker to identify your treatment areas. Next, local anesthesia will be administered. While keeping the area pulled tight with suction, a microblade will be inserted beneath the skin with the help of the Avéli device. The fibrous bands that cause cellulite are cut away, allowing the tissue to loosen. This reveals smoother skin. The procedure can typically be performed in under an hour, and no touch-up treatments should be needed.

Avéli FAQs

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is the lumpy, dimpled flesh that usually appears on the thighs, hips, butt, and stomach. While cellulite is more common in women, it can also be found in men. The cause of cellulite is still unclear, but many doctors think it is fat swollen with toxins that create ripples on the surface of the skin, which may be caused by genetics, thin skin, and aging. Cellulite can be found on both thin and overweight bodies, and while it is not considered a serious medical condition, it is generally considered undesirable and unattractive.

How can I recover faster from Avéli?

To help speed recovery and fat loss, a compression garment may be worn for 2 – 3 weeks. It is also recommended that you avoid strenuous activity, including high-impact exercise, for 1 – 2 weeks. Following your appointment, you may see some slight redness and feel warm, but you are free to return to light activities immediately.

Will I have continuous improvements after Avéli treatments?

Probably the most noteworthy benefit regarding minimally-invasive cellulite reduction is that over time, you will continue to see results. Avéli is a one-time treatment that stimulates long-lasting results.

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Love your skin today!

Avéli has helped thousands of individuals to reduce cellulite from problem areas, increasing their self-esteem. When you are suffering from unappealing cellulite on various parts of your body and do not wish to undergo a highly-invasive surgical procedure to gain that smooth look you dream of, call Hakimi Plastic Surgery to schedule a consult with Dr. Hakimi. Find out how Avéli can reduce the look of cellulite to create a youthful glow that highlights your beautiful body.

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