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What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation resizes the breasts to result in a fuller look. One of the most wanted cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation gives women who are unhappy with their breast appearance the opportunity for improvement. With the help of implants or a fat transfer, this procedure improves breast size and shape, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing and youthful look. Beverly Hills, CA plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Hakimi performs numerous breast augmentations every year. At your initial consultation Dr. Hakimi will address your concerns and desires and provide you with all of the options available. Together, you will create a surgical plan to reach your personal goals.

The art of breast surgery is in your surgeon’s ability to design a pocket with the right size and shape to hosts the implant, to decide whether to place it under or over the muscle, and to educate you regarding your options and help you in decision making process.

"Breast surgery requires a great sense for 3 dimensional dynamics of breast tissue and its interaction with implant. This surgery is more than dissecting a pocket and placing an implant. It is extremely rare to have a patient unsatisfied with the scar because they are small and mostly are places strategically and healed very well. I encourage my patients to think long term and beyond the short term satisfaction of having fuller augmented breasts. You are prospectively designing how your breasts will age over time: The heavier the implant, for example, the more gravity will pull them down, the more chance of complication short and long term.” -Dr. Hakimi


What Implant Options Are Available?

During your consultation with Dr. Hakimi, he will walk you through the steps of breast augmentation and help you choose the best implant based on your body frame, as well as your desired results. Implants for augmentation are made in varying shapes, sizes, profiles, and textures — each of which we will take into consideration in order to reach your cosmetic goals. Today, the most common implant types are silicone or saline, both widely chosen and safely approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).  Other options include a form-stable implant known as a gummy bear implant and a fat transfer. We know that all of these options and considerations may seem overwhelming, but we are here to help you make the best choice to meet your goals.

Can I Get Breast Augmentation?

Cosmetic breast surgery is a very personal decision to make. If you are thinking about having breast augmentation, it is essential you do it for yourself and no one else sways your decision. You should be healthy and at a normal weight with breasts that are fully developed. If you are at the proper age and dissatisfied with the shape of your chest because your breasts seem small or asymmetrical, you may benefit from this cosmetic treatment. If your breasts have changed due to aging, nursing, or weight loss, this surgery can bring them back to life. If you weight train or have limited natural breast tissue, this could be a welcome solution to providing you with increased shape and fullness. If you are located near Newport Beach or Beverly Hills CA, call to schedule your consultation today!

How Is Breast Augmentation Performed?

Prior to your breast augmentation, we will determine incision placement and implant location during your consultation. During the procedure, we will make the incision and the chosen implant will be slipped into position. There are a couple of methods we may use for implant placement: under the pec muscle (submuscular placement) or behind the breast tissue but over the pectoral muscle, depending on the type and degree of implant enlargement, as well as the opinion of Dr. Hakimi. Regardless of the incision, scarring is generally minimal. Implant placement is determined based on your body type, implant size, and lifestyle.

Breast enhancement is performed as an outpatient surgery using general anesthesia. Once we are complete, you will be taken into recovery and observed prior to being released. You will be instructed to wear a medical sports bra to assist with swelling. The swelling will start to dissipate and your breasts will begin to feel normal as they get used to their new position within a few days. Many patients can return to everyday activities within the first week. Breast implant surgery results in beautiful outcomes that look and feel natural. This procedure oftentimes can be life-changing, offering you a chance to feel more self-assured.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does breast augmentation cost?
The cost of your breast surgery will vary, depending on your choices and whether you are having any other surgeries. As soon as your treatment plan is developed, our office will go over costs and financing. It is better to focus on quality over cost to ensure you get the outcome you've been dreaming of.

Can I have my implants removed?
Over time, you may decide that you want to replace or remove your implants. In this instance, Dr. Hakimi offers breast revision surgery. You can choose to have your current implants either replaced with new implants or have them simply removed. If you want to have your implants removed, you may need to have excess skin removed because larger implants can stretch your skin. If you have any concerns or questions after your surgery, Dr. Hakimi is here to help.

Get the Look You Want

Cosmetic breast enhancement surgery is popular for many reasons. This treatment is safe and effective, and the outcome is beautiful. With numerous options to create a customized plan, you can get the bustline you have always dreamed of. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Hakimi is proud to offer this proven treatment to Newport Beach, Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles, CA women. Contact us in Beverly Hills, CA to schedule your initial consultation.

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