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Michael Hakimi, M.D.

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon,
Chief Medical Director – LIFTIQUE

As a board-certified plastic surgeon and chief medical director for LIFTIQUE, Dr. Michael Hakimi specializes in cosmetic face and body surgery and has dedicated his professional life to helping men and women obtain the look they desire. Educating his clients on their aesthetic options and helping them reach and achieve their goals has led to Dr. Hakimi becoming a well-known surgeon in the Newport Beach, CA area. His surgical knowledge is matched by his strong reputation for wonderful patient-physician relationships.

Having earned his Bachelor of Science in molecular, cell, and developmental biology, followed by the study of 3-dimensional tissue engineering in medical school, Dr. Hakimi has a vast and detailed understanding of and expertise in complex and meticulous surgical techniques that even the most talented of surgeons often struggle to master. Dr. Hakimi is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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Dr. Hakimi believes that performing an aesthetic procedure is only part of the journey in providing you with the cosmetic results you want. The care he and his team provide before, during, and after your treatment is just as important as the surgery itself. Educating you so together you can make treatment and procedure decisions that you feel confident in is a vitally important part of a successful outcome — it’s your face and body, after all. Dr. Hakimi is here for you.

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"Beyond pleased with my results, Dr. Hakimi did SnapBack Lipo of bra rolls and underarms, the recovery time was quick, he did the procedures two days apart to keep the discomfort to a minimum, I followed the pre and after instructions, this kept the pain to a minimum and my recovery fast, I was back to work in a week! the results have been as promised, it has been 3 months and I continue see my skin tightening, and the best part is that fat deposits gone! My arms don't flap anymore and they are skinny again! Dr. Hakimi and the Liftique team are so caring, they make you feel so comfortable during and after the procedure. I really like that Dr. Hakimi sets follow up appointments to see the results at different stages. Thank you so much Dr. Hakimi ! L. RIVERA"



"I had every deep frown lines that made me look mad or sad. Thanks to Dr.Hakim’s amazing work with Juvederm, my frown is gone. Best of all, it was quick and painless. Dr. Hakimi and his Staff are professional, kind and friendly. Thank you Dr. Hakimi I love my results, you’re the best."



"Dr. Hakimi is an exceptional doctor. He is kind and compassionate and from the initial consultation I felt that he was so professional and kind. The experience Of getting my Liftique procedure was so pleasant and painless. I was pleasantly surprised has I experienced absolutely no pain! It was just a little pinch when initially I was numbed and that was it. The staff was amazing and so supportive has in the beginning I was very nervous because I had never had any type of surgery. If you are looking for amazing Doctor who knows what he is doing and a procedure that almost pain free I highly recommend doing any Liftique procedure with Dr. Hakimi."



"I’m so pleased with the results of my recent cosmetic procedures with Dr. Hakimi. It’s unfortunate I can’t post the befores and afters because they are remarkable and I appreciated his suggestions and straightforward manner. As soon as you meet him you will feel comfortable because he is professional and caring. The nurses were lovely, the entire facility is spotless and I felt very protected is this unpredictable Corona Virus situation we are all having."



"What can I say about Dr. Hakimi and his staff at the Newport Beach office. From the beginning and through out the experience it was exceptionally phenomenal. They were always so pleasant, understanding and caring when addressing my procedure. Dr. Hakimi continued to display a personal caring interest with my health and condition preparing me for my procedure. He even took the time to give me a call to check on me. That made me feel so confident that Dr. Hakimi really does care for his patients, showing a high level of integrity. Nicole - Thank you for your honesty, sharing the expectations for the up coming surgery and recovery. Jenny and Kat - Thank you for always showing your enthusiasm and always having an answer to my questions. I went to see Dr. Hakimi for an abdominoplasty procedure and I am so jazzed on my outcome. I would highly recommend Dr. Hakimi to my friends and family. He is truly an expert in his field and displays a great doctor patient relationship. During my visits I always felt welcomed and comfortable with Dr.Hakimi and his staff exceeding my expectations."




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