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What Is A Fat Transfer?

If you've lost weight or aged, you've likely noticed you may have lost some of the natural roundness and shape in certain areas of your face and body that used to be curvy and full. A terrific way to regain this lost volume is through a cosmetic treatment known as a fat transfer. This procedure takes fat from one spot on the body and inserts it into another area that could use additional volume. At Hakimi Plastic Surgery, fat transfers are most typically performed to the face and butt (also known as a Brazilian butt lift). Fat transfers are often chosen if you want a natural enhancement rather than implants or fillers. Beverly Hills, CA plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Hakimi uses the most advanced liposuction and grafting methods for performing fat transfers. 

Can I Get A Fat Transfer?

If you wish to have more smoothness and volume in specific areas of your body that currently appear hollow, thin, or deflated, you may be the right candidate for the fat transfer procedure. This specialized enhancement creates great results by using your own fat tissue. With this method, there is little concern for rejection. Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles, CA men and women considering this treatment must be at a certain weight and have enough fat to remove for the transfer. Call us for more information and to set up your consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Hakimi today.

How Is A Fat Transfer Performed?

When undergoing a fat transfer, you will be placed under the appropriate kind of anesthesia, depending on how much fat tissue is being taken out and where it will be placed. A form of liposuction is first performed using a small, specialized cannula to delicately remove the fat so it can be purified and harvested through a centrifuge (which preps the healthy fat for syringes). After prepping the injection site, the fat will be transferred into the area chosen for enhancement. The process of injecting is completed in layers until we've reached the desired smoothness. For certain body parts, multiple injections will be necessary. After the transfer process has been completed, you will enter a healing phase. Keep in mind, there are two different areas on the body that need to be carefully treated: the extraction area and injection location. The recovery process may take longer if a larger place on the body was addressed. For example, a fat transfer to the breasts will generally need a few days to heal, whereas a transfer to a more widespread area, such as the buttocks, can take weeks. The sites will appear red and slightly swollen, but the results can be seen almost immediately and the area where fat was extracted will look slimmer. This procedure yields beautiful and lasting outcomes, but there will be some resorption back to the body so some patients may need an additional transfer down the road. There is minimal scarring associated with this procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a fat transfer cost?
Your cost for a fat transfer will vary based on many factors. For example, transfers to the breasts or butt require a larger volume of fat so liposuction is used and a lengthier process is incorporated for fat purification and injection. Your goals will be reviewed during your consultation with Dr. Hakimi, along with estimates of cost and the payment methods we accept.

How long will the results of a fat transfer last?
The results of your fat transfer can be long-lasting with proper care. Since we are using your own fat, reabsorption is typically minimal. Typically, there is a small amount of fat that doesn't attach to its new location so it's likely we will transfer slightly more fat than needed to help balance this out. While this fat is eliminated, you can gain new fat so for longer-lasting results, it's best to try and stay at or below the weight you were when you got your transfer. Touch-ups and other enhancements can be made after a while.

Take the Natural Approach

If you are looking to get more voluptuous lips or want to smooth out hollow areas or lines, a fat transfer may be a great option. Additionally, a fat transfer works great to shape the breasts and buttocks. There are many choices for enhancement to help you achieve the look you want. We welcome you to get in touch with our front desk team to make your consultation with plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Hakimi.

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