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What is a Lymphatic Massage?

Lymphatic massage plays an integral role in the postoperative healing process following liposuction and many other plastic surgery procedures. Therapists performing postoperative lymphatic drainage should have specific training to understand and perform the delicate hand movements required to mobilize fluid and swelling and soften fibrosis or scar tissue. Lymphatic massages are not painful, but gentle, relaxing, and effective.

Simply put the slow, repetitive movements stretch the skin causing compression, achieving transient pressures. This is followed by rest phases where the skin is allowed to return to its normal position. This change in pressure in the subcutaneous tissues enhances filling and emptying of lymphatics channels.

Benefits of a Lymphatic Massage

Benefits of lymphatic massage include:

1. Stimulation of the circulation and lymphatic flow. This improves blood flow to the skin reducing chances of skin thinning and ulceration. Better circulation means faster removal of blood cells from the skin that cause bruising.

2. Stimulation of the immune system by passing more lymph in the lymph nodes.

3. Manual lymphatic drainage stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which causes relaxation and has analgesic effects.

4. Reduction in scar tissue. Following liposuction, protein-rich fluid accumulates in soft tissue. Overtime it can get organized and hard. Lymphatic massage helps to soften the tissues and reduce swelling.

Post-operative lymphatic massage usually starts the first week after surgery. Patients usually receive massage every 2–3 days for the first 2 weeks and as required thereafter until tissues soften and edema resolves. The intensity and frequency of treatments is tailored for each patient.

Dr. Hakimi also recommends a session of lymphatic massage 1–2 days preoperatively as well to prime the lymphatic system. This primes your lymphatic channels for a faster recovery after surgery.

Meet Mel

Mel Martinez at Hakimi Plastic Surgery

At Hakimi Plastic Surgery, Mel Martinez brings over 30 years of experience to our patients. Not only Mel has been a surgical tech working side by side many plastic surgeons but also, he has been performing post-operative lymphatic massage on his patients. His unique background and unequivocal knowledge of surgical techniques and anatomy gives him an extreme edge when performing post-operative lymphatic massage.

Imagine the same person who assisted in your surgery, whom you also met in pre op visit also does your lymphatic massage after surgery! Any questions for him?

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