Newport Beach, CA | Liftique Reopening with Safety Protocols | Hakimi Plastic Surgery

In this video, you will learn about the major changes we are making in our Liftique Clinic reopening after COVID 19 pandemic. We are reopening on May 18 with your safety in mind. My goal is to make sure we use state of the art technologies to set the bar for safety in Plastic Surgery Office visits. Thank you for your interest


Dr. Hakimi: Hi everyone, Dr. Hakimi again, I'm very excited to announce that Liftique is reopening. Of course, things are going to be different. And I'm here today to tell you about a few major changes that you're going to notice when you come to your office visits. And hopefully you will feel more comfortable, you'll feel safer, and you know what to expect.

Dr. Hakimi: That means more and more online and virtual consultations. We're going to do our best to accommodate as much as we can and do pre-procedure pre-op sessions online. That means more post-op visits online; some of you would love that. That means less endless paperwork in our office. You will receive all your paperwork electronically so you can do them at home at the comfort of your house, on your desktop, laptops or on your phone.

Dr. Hakimi: When you arrive to our office, all our patients get their temperature taken prior to entering the building. You'll be escorted by one of our staff straight to your room. There will be no waiting room. There will be no waiting. We're going to schedule our patients so we can cater to one or two patients at a time.

Dr. Hakimi: In order to ensure your safety, unfortunately, we're not allowing any children, significant others or friends, to attend and be in the room during your procedure or consultation. All our staff during your procedure or interaction with you, will be wearing a face shield along with an N95 mask. And you also are expected to wear your own mask from the moment you arrive to the building, til when you leave.

Dr. Hakimi: At Liftique, not only we're going to follow CDC guidelines very closely, along with the recommendation of American Society of Plastic Surgeons, but it's my personal mission just as Liftique is your next generation plastic surgery clinic that you go to, it's my personal mission to make sure we use the state of the art technologies to ensure your safety and comfort.