Newport Beach, CA | Liftique ByeBye Cellulite Reduction | Hakimi Plastic Surgery

In this seminar, we talk about how Liftique Radiofrequency technology improves cellulite without surgery.


Dr. Mickael Hakimi: If you type in Google, "Cellulite treatment," you're going to see a million different treatments. When there are so many treatments that means none of them are good enough. It's because cellulite is very complicated. That means with cellulite... Can we go into the next slide? When you have cellulite, you have fat herniation in some spots and then, you have dimples in other areas. That means the skin has lost that turgor that strength to hold the fat back. You have to treat the skin to tighten the skin and then, melt the fat in areas that's protruding because you're never going to be able to tighten the skin enough to push the fat.

Dr. Mickael Hakimi: The problem with technologies outside basically is they either melt the fat with liposuction or they just tighten the skin. Both of them are equally imperfect. Here, we have the luxury of having a technology that not only melts the fat in localized areas, but also is able to tighten the skin. This is something you can expect after one treatment.