Newport Beach, CA | Profound RF - Reduces Cellulite | Hakimi Plastic Surgery

Our nurse, Sharon, treating a patient's cellulite and knees with Profound RF while the patient is completely awake and pain-free. The Profound RF reduces cellulite, with no anesthesia, and no downtime.


Sharon: So, this is a lovely lady that has been in now for three days in a row. We're doing the last of her third treatment with the Profound, which is a... We're doing skin tightening, but also cellulite reduction. We started with, as you can see, I started... The first day we did across the thighs. Yesterday, we did and targeted a little bit more of her cellulite area. Today, we're going to go across the top of her thighs, got a couple of pockets of cellulite, a little bit of fat here, and some cellulite in the middle. When she's laying down, you can't see it as well. But as ladies, we contort ourselves and put ourselves in all different ways so we can see what the cellulite is. And so she just wants to tighten up and to also get rid of a little bit of the cellulite and a little bit of the fat around her knees.