Can Lower Eyelid Surgery Remove Under Eye Bags?

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The eyes are one of our most noticeable features. Unfortunately, bags in the lower eyelids can make you seem tired or appear older than you really are. Lower eyelid surgery allows you to enjoy a refreshed appearance again. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Hakimi enhances your natural features through this safe procedure.

If you want to make a good first impression, but over-the-counter beauty products are simply not enough, lower eyelid surgery may be the answer. So, what causes eye bags, and how does this surgery work? Contact our clinic in Beverly Hills, CA to learn about the process and how to get started.

What causes eye bags?

So, what causes eye bags in the first place? There are many circumstances that cause drooping or sagging eyes. Because the skin of our eyelids is thin, it tends to stretch out as we age. Genetics, prolonged sun exposure, and gravity can only accelerate these changes. Lower eyelid surgery, or lower blepharoplasty, is designed to reduce excess skin and fat just under the eyes. Surgery can combat common signs of aging and make your face appear younger.

Candidates for lower eyelid surgery

People with eye bags or puffiness under the eyes are ideal candidates for lower blepharoplasty. Sometimes, the lower eyelids droop to the point where you have trouble comfortably opening or closing your eyes. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is time to meet with Dr. Hakimi for a consultation. Lower eyelid surgery can:

  • Improve bags under the eyes

  • Improve puffiness or fat deposits under the eyes

  • Improve fine wrinkles in the lower eyelids

  • Create a rested, youthful appearance

How we perform lower eyelid surgery

During lower blepharoplasty, we place the incision on the inner side of the lower eyelid. This makes any future scarring nearly invisible. Patients with significant excess skin may require an incision along the lash line. This allows us to remove small pockets of fat while gently lifting the skin for a smoother look. Surgery could last a couple of hours, based on your unique treatment plan.

Recovery and results

Patients will need about a week for certain side effects to subside. Our office can give you recovery instructions to make recovery as comfortable as possible. This includes keeping your head elevated and using cool compresses for several days to reduce inflammation and swelling at home. Once the swelling has gone down, you will be able to notice your rejuvenated appearance.

While the results from lower eyelid surgery can last a decade or longer, the natural aging process does not stop. Continue to take care of your skin and avoid exposure to harmful ultraviolet rays to keep your face looking young. When you attend follow-up visits near Beverly Hills, CA Dr. Hakimi can recommend several nonsurgical treatments in the future to maintain your new look.

No more under eye bags

Your eyes are the main focal point of your face. When excess skin and eye bags prevent you from looking and feeling your best, you can turn to Dr. Michael Hakimi for a consultation. We can examine your problem areas and create a personalized treatment plan moving forward. Lower eyelid surgery is a highly requested procedure at our clinic in Beverly Hills, CA, because of our high success rate. Learn more by contacting our office today.

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