Newport Beach, CA | Liftique One and Done Premier Skin Tightening | Hakimi Plastic Surgery

In this lecture, Dr. Hakimi talks about the Premier Skin Tightening procedure that Liftique offers and he also provides amazing results from previous patients.


Dr. Michael Haikimi: Many of you are too busy to go to a med spa every week, get a procedure done, such as microneedling to start seeing the results. Here, we have the advantage of having the radio frequency microneedling machines that are much stronger than what you see at a med spa. Our goal is to bring you in, do a treatment, and then let you enjoy the results for the next three to six months, as your skin gets tighter and better. These are not procedures that you need to come every week for six weeks or three months before you see the result. Here, you don't need to repeat our procedures to see the results. It's an option, if you want to get more results, you could come back and next time and repeat it.

Dr. Michael Haikimi: You want to see before and afters, right? Proof of work. Now, 64 year old woman, five years ago, I had nothing but a facelift to offer her. To this day, many people don't have anything but a facelift to offer. Many would say, "This is a facelift like result." This woman did not have surgery. She had a LIFTIQUE Premiere procedure that takes about an hour under local anesthesia, wide awake and this is her photo six months later. Next slide please.

Dr. Michael Haikimi: And other patients, you can see jowling, hanging skin. Now notice how there's improvement, not only in the hanging skin of the neck, but also in the quality of her skin. Next slide. Another patient that a few years ago, all we had for her was a facelift. Now she doesn't have facelift like result. This patient does need a facelift, but doesn't want to have a facelift. She wants to get the second best option to surgery. And I can assure you what we offer here is your second best choice, your second best option to surgery. There is going to be a margin of difference between what our results look like and our surgical results look like.

Dr. Michael Haikimi: And depending on your age, anatomy and your skin quality, I will make sure that we have a realistic expectation of what we can accomplish after your procedure. A few years ago, even a neck lift wouldn't suffice. This patient needs a full-on lower facelift. Now this is her three months after a LIFTQUE procedure. A liposuction alone would have left this patient with hanging skin. Would have traded a full neck for an old neck. Almost every other week, I have a patient that says, "Dr. Kimi, I got Kybella. Either I went through five treatments and thousands of dollars and discomfort only to trade off a full neck for an old neck, because now I have the skin hanging." Or they say, "I went through CoolSculpting and I lost the fat and now I have the skin."