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At Hakimi Plastic Surgery we value the relationships we form just as much as the quality of care we provide. Below, please find patient feedback from our highly regarded clients, past and present, so you can decide if our practice is the right fit for you. We take the information our patients provide here as a way to continue to learn and grow so we can be the team you need and desire. Without this feedback, we lack an important part of educating ourselves — your opinion. If we've had the pleasure of working with you before, please provide your honest review below so we can ensure we are always meeting your expectations.

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Review from M.  |  Source: RealSelf  |  Feb 15, 2022

Breast, face and hand fat transfer - they look how they did when I was younger - I went to Dr. Hakimi for awake fat transfer to the face, breasts and hands (with lipo to the arms and inner thighs). I actually have a second session booked to do 360 lipo and bra roll with a second breast fat transfer (which I’ll decide as we get closer if I actually still need). I am beyond thrilled with the results. I know several people who have booked consults with him after seeing my results. For the face, I had the fat put in my temples, cheeks, under eyes, lips and chin. I’m almost 35 and my face looks like it did when I was in my early 20’s and it looks so much more natural than anytime I’ve ever gotten filler. For my hands, they were bony and now they look refreshed and supple (for lack of a better, less cringy word). As for my breasts, I will say when I was younger I was a full D slash sometimes DD depending on the brand, so I had the basic shape to begin with but they had lost fullness as I slimmed down over the years. I’m about 2 months post opp and I have to say, my breasts look like bazoongas (that’s the medical term, right?). They look how they did when I was younger which is exactly what I was hoping for. I will say, the procedure itself is unpleasant. The numbing part isn’t bad, stings a little but from what I remember Dr. Hakimi has a wiggle-the-skin technique to help distract from the sting. The fat transfer to the breasts you definitely feel and was the most painful part of the day and recovery. I did have a lot of work on a lot of different areas done in one day, so my recovery was probably longer than people who do less. Also, for the face, they will warn you and they are not kidding, the face swelling looks bad for about a week to 10 days. At about 2 weeks my face looked like perfection.Dr. Hakimi was very attentive following the procedure and always answered my text messages very promptly. I’m very type A and have anxiety, so he deserves extra points for being so patient with me. More

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