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What is Profound Radiofrequency?

Beverly Hills, CA plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Hakimi uses an exceptional approach to produce beautiful outcomes for our patients with a treatment called Profound microneedling using state-of-the-art Profound by Candela™. Radiofrequency treatments have existed for many years and are well-known in the cosmetic industry for their skin tightening effects. However, this state-of-the-art therapy uses heat to promote collagen production deep within the skin to reveal a tighter, smoother surface. At Hakimi Plastic Surgery, we often incorporate this process to our Beverly Hills, CA patients' skin solutions to produce healthier skin, a smoother feel, and a glowing complexion.

Can I Get Profound Radiofrequency?

If you're 40 years old or older Profound microneedling could be the right treatment for you. Beverly Hills, and Los Angeles, CA men and women could benefit from this procedure if they wish to:

  • Tighten their skin
  • Improve the feel, tone, and pigment of their skin
  • Address skin irregularities, such as discoloration and blood vessels
  • Reduce the appearance of sun and age spots
  • Improve acne scars and other forms of scarring
  • Rejuvenate skin for a younger, glowing look
  • Reduce the appearance of cellulite

How is Profound Radiofrequency Performed?

Before your Profound radiofrequency treatment at Hakimi Plastic Surgery, we will give you local anesthesia. The procedure will then be performed using the Profound device to carefully emit short pulses of injectable radiofrequency energy against the skin to make micro-injuries that "disrupt" the cells and stimulate the production of collagen. New skin grows as the skin heals, leaving the top layer feeling and looking smoother, brighter, and more rejuvenated. The first FDA-approved microneedling device, Profound microneedling helps you begin seeing results in as little as one treatment. You may experience some swelling, bruising, redness, or soreness at the treated areas; however, this typically doesn't last more than a day. You should be ready to return to work and/or your normal activities within 24 hours of your procedure. Results become visible as the skin heals over the next 3 months. 

Profound Radiofrequency Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Profound radiofrequency cost?
The cost of your Profound radiofrequency procedure will vary, depending on your case and the number of treatments scheduled to reveal your optimal improvements. At your first visit, Dr. Hakimi will go over your questions and desires and estimate your treatment costs.

What are the benefits of Profound radiofrequency?
Profound radiofrequency is both safe and effective for most complexion tones and types and can be used on almost every area of your body and face. This procedure delivers stunning improvements with minimal time needed for recovery, making it ideal if you are not ready for a surgical lift on your face or body. Profound radiofrequency can also help to update your results a few years after a surgical lift.

Minimally Invasive Microneedling

If you are seeking to reverse the appearance of aging or sun-damaged skin, as well as diminish acne scars, wrinkles, or laxity, radiofrequency microneedling is a wonderful remedy with proven outcomes. This outstanding skin repair procedure has increased in popularity and is a top-rated, minimally invasive treatment for our Beverly Hills, CA patients. Contact Dr. Hakimi's office to discover more.

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