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At Liftique, we use cutting edge radiofrequency technology to treat cellulite. No scars, no downtime.


Meryl Kern: Let's talk about cellulite.

Dr. Michael Hakimi: Sure.

Meryl Kern: Because every woman has cellulite. It's a curse we have. It's not fair. I know you can't get rid of it totally. But can we talk about what we can do?

Dr. Michael Hakimi: I don't know about every woman has cellulite, but we know that over 80% of women have cellulite and we know that 100% of them don't like it. When you look at the options available for cellulite treatment, there are so many lotions, potions, lasers, even surgical procedures. When there is a problem with so many solution that tells us that there is no real good answer, right? Cellulite is a complex problem. It's problem with the fat and it's problem with the skin. You have some areas of fat herniation that causes a lump. And then you have dimples in the cellulite areas that some adhesions to the underlying structure.

Meryl Kern: Yeah, but I've seen skinny women with some cellulite and I've seen women that are a little bit heavier that have nothing. So I don't get that.

Dr. Michael Hakimi: You and many other scientists and physicians and plastic surgeons have the same question. We don't really know what causes cellulite and some people get it, some don't. The good news is at Liftique we can treat cellulite. We can improve the appearance of cellulite with a radiofrequency procedure. It is FDA approved. It's very simple. It's very safe. And it works. It takes about an hour or so for each thigh, we can inject the patient under local anesthesia and with the radiofrequency machine, we can treat both the areas that have fat herniation and we can also tighten the skin over it.

Meryl Kern: So my only thing that I want to say is I want everything. And if you want everything, then go to our We have numbers on our website. We also are really excited about our new telemedicine and video consultations we do. So that means you don't have to get in your car. You don't have to fight traffic. You don't have to find a parking space and you can meet with the doctor at the time you want to meet. And there's no waiting and call.