Newport Beach, CA | Meet Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Hakimi | Hakimi Plastic Surgery

In this seminar, you will meet Dr. Hakimi and learn about our goals at Liftique.


Dr. Hakimi: My goal today is to help you make a more informed decision, because I truly think there's so many options these days out in the world as far as our cosmetic procedures, invasive or noninvasive. And as we live longer and you have more access to these technologies, whether it's through Instagram, social media, or TV, there's a lot of confusion out in the public. Which machine works better for me, or which one of these claims are true? Our goal at Liftique is to take that confusion out. You come to us. We evaluate your skin. We evaluate your body, your face. And after hearing your story and your desires, it's our job to customize a plan for you that would fit your expectation and your need.