Newport Beach, CA | Liftique Patient Safety During Office Visit | Hakimi Plastic Surgery

Dear Liftique Family, The COVID pandemic is now in its third week here in the United States, and most of our lives have been completely turned upside down. Fortunately, California acted promptly; and our social distancing has put us in a better position compared to some other states. Here at Liftique, we want you to know that we are here for you: 1) We are open online. You can now order your skin care products over the phone or have a consultation online. We are also holding weekly online FREE Webinars covering skin care, liposuction and other exciting topics. 2) We are rescheduling your procedures. At Liftique, we are doing everything we can to follow local and CDC guidelines to help ensure the safety of our communities and employees. In doing so, we have been contacting our patients and helping them reschedule their procedures to an anticipated date when we will be back to our office. 3) We are planning ahead: We’ll be here for you through this crisis and we’ll be here for you when this is over. We know we will all win this battle. Please contact us for your Post-COVID-19 consultations, procedures and beauty needs. Our team is here and available to chat with you, whether you want to talk about products, procedures or the challenges we are all facing. You can arrange a virtual meeting with us. Sincerely, Michael Hakimi MD Chief Medical Director


Dr. Hakimi: I hope you're safe in this coronavirus time. We are obviously very safe here and we had a hundred percent show today. Everybody's coming because they feel like they have a few minutes off of work and they want to get all the downtime they can. I want to take this time to assure you that at Liftique we have a 7,000 square feet office, as you can see. At each time, we make sure that there's only one patient in the waiting room so they're not in a small environment, close contact with other patients.

Dr. Hakimi: Our staff is cleaning, and wiping, disinfecting every surface area, every room, almost every hour, and definitely in between each patient. They wear a mask when they're in close contact with patients. Also, every patient that comes to our office fills out a questionnaire regarding their potential symptoms, travel history, sick contact, sick contact history, and we have a thermal camera that we scan all our patients with and it shows us their temperature and we try our best to keep anybody with any symptoms out of this office.

Dr. Hakimi: After patients fill out a questionnaire, then our staff scans their face with this thermal camera on their iPad, and it shows a live thermal reading of their temperature.