Newport Beach, CA | Hydrafacial | Hakimi Plastic Surgery

In this video, Dr. Hakimi receives a Hydrafacial.


Dr. Hakimi: So, I volunteered my body, my face to science today. I'm getting a HydraFacial. People say it's great, but I have to experience it myself. Plus, I haven't shaved either. I don't know if I can have HydraFacial on a bearded face, but we're about to find out. Stay tuned. I need Botox.

Speaker 2: This ketosis high. I don't know.

Speaker 3: Here you go.

Dr. Hakimi: I have a consult?

Speaker 3: Yeah.

Dr. Hakimi: Tell them the doctor is having a procedure. It's called me time. Feels smooth.

Speaker 4: What's the second model over there?

Speaker 2: It's beta you haven't got there yet.

Speaker 4: So close this one?

Dr. Hakimi: Still alive. I look good. So this is when I have to stop filming because they're going to cover my eyes.