Newport Beach, CA | Botox for Forehead Wrinkles | Hakimi Plastic Surgery

You will see Botox injection to forehead and around the eyes with very brief overview of anatomy.


Dr. Hakimi: Tell us what brings you here today.

Nicole: I'm really interested in getting Botox in my crow's feet and some on my forehead.

Dr. Hakimi: Oh, let's take a look in the mirror. Show me your crow's feet. Okay. Perfect. Raise your eyebrows and frown. Okay. Perfect.

Dr. Hakimi: So what she's asking today is mainly her crow's feet that is from your orbicularis muscle, the muscle around your eyes. When you... Give me a big smile here. You can see these lines. If you don't do them at a young age like Nicole, over time you're going to have lines that are there even when you don't smile. At this stage in her life, she's very young. She has what we call dynamic wrinkles, so you Botox so you get less wrinkles to avoid the cracks in your skin.

Dr. Hakimi: And she still has some of her Botox from the past, so that's why you don't see that many lines, but she likes her forehead really frozen. So we're going to do some Botox to her forehead, between her eyebrows, and around her eyes. Close your eyes there.

Dr. Hakimi: Well, you may not think it today, but I'm sure he thinks that's a thing.

Nicole: He's married with two kids.

Dr. Hakimi: Still. Hasn't stopped anybody. Ask princess here. She'll tell you.

Nicole: Yeah, she remembers that sprinkled donuts, remember? That guy.

Dr. Hakimi: You put about two to four units of Botox right under the eyebrow and that prevents your eye muscle to bring your eyebrow down, which would give you a slight lift.